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Roland Atelier Music Extravaganza 2018



Roland Atelier 2018 Music Extravaganza

It will again be Pure Imagination coming true for all our music-loving family. After all, what’s better than lavishing yourself with fine food and fabulous beverages while soaking up the sun in magical Palm Springs, California? I

All of this, plus the opportunity to enjoy the artistry of an array of world-renowned organists…..does it get any better than that? Stan Koyama, Gregg Isett, Chris Anderson, Doug Bielanski, David Marsh, John Kereki, Rosemary Bailey and more! As usual, our roster of professionals will be eager to share with you their playing techniques, valuable “tips and tricks” and product exploration ideas during their daily workshops.

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Email from Barbara Alexander Ronk

The week was beautiful ! It was candy for the ears the whole time. And visiting with old friends was wonderful, too. "Thanks" does not even begin to express how much we appreciate all the work you and your staff do all year long, especially during the Extravaganza,  to put on such a delightful program but THANKS, THANKS, and more thanks.

Jon Stafford's article to the Seattle Organ Club

I reported in last month’s meeting of my recent trip to “Desi’s Music Extravaganza,” the annual organ festival sponsored by Desi Nelson and his crew at Desi’s Music Centers (www.desismusic.com). It was held again this year in Palm Springs, California and showcased music by 4 returning guest artists – Rosemary Bailey, Chris Anderson, Gregg Isett, and Stan Koyama, two new guest artists – David Marsh (www.dmmarsh.com) and Doug Bielanski (www.dougbielanski.com), as well as music from Desi and his staff – John Kereki & Cindy Soriano. Over 4 days, we were treated to hours of incredible concerts, many valuable music workshops, great food and weather, and a lot of great time together with all the members of Desi’s “music family.”

While the instruments featured were from Roland, several people who attend each year own other instruments as well. As in prior years, a special time was spent poolside eating a great dinner and being entertained with the music of Rosemary Bailey, Chris Anderson, and 21-year old David Marsh. Everyone enjoyed the addition of new artists David and Doug to “the family” as they brought a young, fresh, and enthusiastic perspective to the instruments and the music performed. Joining me from the Seattle area were Johanna McDowell and Gary Bird. Bolstering our Northwest presence were Brian and Barbara Frid from Portland, Bill and Mary Lindsay from Olympia Watch Jon Stafford’s YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1gaygeZrB0