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Desi's Music has brought the joy of music into the lives of its adult students and clients for over 32 years. In addition to the social, stress-free class atmosphere for its students, Desi's Music Centers offers an abundance of music-related activities with highlights including: frequent concerts and workshops with popular keyboard artists. Students are thrilled and inspired by the music of world-renowned keyboard artists including Rosemary Bailey, O'Lyn Callahan, Choy Lozada, Chuck Wright, Hector Olivera, Chris Anderson, Gregg Isett, Stan Koyama, Don Lewis and many more. Desi's popular annual Music Extravaganza in Palm Springs, California. ......and more

Desi Nelson, Jr


Desi wanted to share his love of music with everyone. He opened his first piano and organ store in the San Bernardino (Redlands area) 32 years ago. The focus of his business was on teaching people how to play and enjoy their instruments. Desi continued to produce music extravaganzas featuring world renowned keyboard artists. In June of 1994 he became the first dealer in the United States to market the Roland Atelier organ. Desi's Music is Roland's number one Atelier dealer nation wide and is the primary in-home organ dealer in Southern California, where he continues to share the gift of music by providing classes taught by a staff of dedicated and talented teachers.

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Cindy Soriano

Mgr. San Diego

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Training Manager for the Roland Atelier

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Gregg Isett

Gregg's Music Center

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