Our teaching staff

The dynamic teaching staff specializes in classes designed for adults. Lessons are taught on state-of-the-art Roland digital instruments in a comfortable and well equipped classroom environment. The beautiful accompaniments, rhythms, and instrumental sounds produced by these instruments make learning to play easy and fun. Research shows that learning to make music on a keyboard instrument improves the health, wellness and quality of life for adults of all ages. Interactive music making on a keyboard reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and releases endorphins and growth hormones in the brain.

About Us

Classes and lessons are available for adult students at many levels, and can include classroom courses, workshops, one-on one lesson, and customer lessons to suit a student's needs. Classes and lessons are taught at Desi's Music Centers and on-location in various locations within southern California. If you live too far away to attend a class, Desi's Music Centers offers successful distance learning courses that you can take in the comfort of your own home.

John kereki

John Kereki is Desi's Music's most popular and expert teacher. He initially learned to play as a result of Desi's teaching program. After serving 10 years in the military John went to work in one of Desi's music stores. He began to "play around" on the digital pianos and discovered he loved not only the playing of the instruments, but the new and ever evolving technology of modern digital instruments. It wasn't long before he moved to the organs. John has been playing for 20 years and is a classic example of how today's music technology can enhance the enjoyment of making music. John now shares his love of music with others by teaching Desi's Music students how to play using the automatic features of the instruments. John builds playing confidence in students of all ability levels and empowers them by taking the mystery out of the word "technology."

Cindy Soriano, Mgr, Teacher, San Diego

Cindy is the manager, and teacher, of Desi's Music Centers Studio in San Diego, CA. She offers a variety of classes specifically designed for adults. Her classes are filled with interesting people, most of whom are retired from professional careers, who have a desire to make and share their own music. In the warm, friendly atmosphere strangers quickly become friends as they learn to make music for the first time, or improve music skills they already have. They enjoy exploring the rhythms, accompaniments and special features of the wonderful Roland Atelier organs. The skills Cindy teaches can be used on electronic keyboards and digital pianos as well as organs. There is a monthly gathering of "Friends Playing for Friends" which is always filled with laughter and fun. She also teaches children age six and up. They too enjoy playing everything from classical to pop with rhythms and accompaniments while learning the fundamentals of making music. The children also enjoy their own "Friends Playing for Friends" during the summer months. Cindy's motto is, "It's not about how you play. It's about how you feel when you play."

Gregg Isett, Owner of Gregg's Music Center, 470A Main Street, Newcastle CA 95656

Gregg in association with Desi of Desi's Music Centers has opened Gregg's Music Center in Newcastle, CA where he continues to teach adults the joy of making music.

Gregg has been playing the organ since the age of 7, His specialty is his Silent Film Concerts where he showcases such film classics as Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Laurel & Hardy, Our Gang, Harold Lloyd and more. Gregg's ability to bring musical life to the silent movie comedies captures the essence of an almost forgotten era!

Gregg has performed at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA and has played for numerous organ clubs, organ extravaganza's theatre's, public schools and countless public and private concerts and instructed on Crystal Cruises. Gregg was Director of Music Education at Music Exchanger in Newcastle until the company closed that facility in 2012.

Gregg is a member of the American Theatre Organ Society and the Sierra Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society. In 2011, he took first place in the national OrganFest competition in Las Vegas, Nevada. Aside from an ongoing concert schedule, his group and private teaching at his studio, he always makes time for causes he believes will further organ music appreciation.