David Marsh

About David

David started playing the organ when he was fourteen years old. His fascination with the instrument began when he saw a video of Rosemary Bailey playing "All that Jazz" on the Roland Atelier. Since then, he has gone on to having many responsibilities including Director of Music Technology at Villa Park High School, Administrator of Operations for Soli Studios Music, Inc., and President of the Orange County Theater Organ Society, which maintains the 4/37 Wurlitzer at Plummer Auditorium in Fullerton, CA. David would like to thank his many mentors for his progress, including Rosemary Bailey, Gene Roberson, Gail Hillman, John Zechiel, OCTOS, and "Major" Charles Jay. David has an intense desire to make the organ known to the younger generation and hopes that one day, it will be just as known as the guitar or piano.

Listen to David perform on the different models. The Roland AT-90SL AC and the Wurlitzer Theatre Organ

Gentlemen Fantasia

Pure Imagination

David play the Wurlitzer Theatre Organ at the Plummer Auditorium 

"Our rising star, David Marsh

" David has just completed a joint concert with our own Rosemary Bailey on the spectacular Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ. His knowledge of this world only adds to his ability to also explore the diverse wonders of the Atelier. Welcome to the family, David!"

Rosemary in concert on this mighty Wurlitzer in San Diego California, along with David Marsh on March 4th 2017 for the San Diego Theatre Organ Society

Rosemary and David performing for the San Diego Theatre Organ Society