2019 Desi's Music Extravaganza



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This is Stan Koyama, a proud Roland organ owner and one of the artists for Desi Nelson's Palm Springs Extravaganza. Over the years, I've made a lot of friends around the country at the Extravaganza and love seeing them each year. It's become an annual family reunion. I listen to great concerts and attend clinics to get new ideas on how to arrange music AND how to operate the many features on the organ. Every year, I always learn something new & exciting. I highly encourage people to learn as much about their instruments so they can enhance their arrangements.  

Anybody who attends has full access to me and my knowledge of the organ. I know many special effects & features that I constantly use and will gladly show people how I get them and apply them to my music. I will also give any of my registrations to anybody who wants them. During the Extravaganza, please make an appointment with me and I will sit with you at an organ and answer any questions you have. It can be anytime an organ is available, day or night (even the wee hours of the morning). This is a free service for being an attendee.

I tell people who own other brands of organs that some features on the Roland organ are available on their instruments. If you hear something at the concerts & clinics you're interested in, take notes and ask your instructor how to access the feature on your instrument. We will also help you as much as we can.  

The Palm Springs Hilton Hotel is a terrific resort with wonderful amenities and a great & friendly staff. The airport is minutes away and downtown is two blocks away with endless shops, restaurants, bars & museums. To top it off, you have Desi Nelson, his wonderful staff and the artists to make your stay a memorable one. BTW, I can't stay out of that hotel swimming pool!

Stan performing a favorite SONG "In the Mood"

Doug Bielanski

Doug Bielanski


September was never a month I looked forward to.  For me, it means the ending of my favorite season of the year- Summer!  This all changed 3 years ago when I was invited to participate in Desi’s Music Extravaganza!  For the last three years, September has turned out to be the most exciting and anticipated time of the year for me.  

Each year now, I look forward to regrouping with an amazing group of people who share the joy of organ music.  This is a rare group, indeed.  We are the last of a dwindling  breed and I am glad that we all continue to commit to get together once a year, for a week, to share our musical joy with one another.  

Warm regards, 


Doug Bielanski winner of the 2014 Roland Festival


David Marsh in Concert at Desi's Music Extravaganza


Over the years, the organ has provided a huge amount of joy and inspiration in my life. I don't know where I would be without it. Many new friends, opportunities, and interesting adventures have come about because of the organ.

Unfortunately, there is not as much of a community surrounding the organ as there is for other musical instruments. If you look at the way the music industry is going, you may be a little saddened by how institutional it has become. People don't really come together to enjoy each other anymore, and I long for that connection in the music world.

This, however, can NOT be said about Desi's Music Center, or the many groups that Desi has helped form throughout the years. Desi's focus on the musical "family" really helps make everything about the Roland Atelier all the more enjoyable. We come together, friends playing for friends, to enjoy everything that music has to offer. The Atelier goes from being a high-quality computer in a pretty case to a tool that can be used to enhance the musical experience and bring people together. After all, isn't that what Roland's founder Ikutaro Kakehashi wanted?

Desi's Music Extravaganza is a joyous opportunity to be a part of something wonderful. The people you meet are fun to talk to, and the memories made will last a lifetime. Listening to organ concerts and attending workshops is only half of the experience. The other half fills that void that I mentioned earlier.

I look forward to the coming Extravaganza. I will get to see people I have not seen in a while, make new friends, and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere that is created when a group of individuals of common interest comes together.

Thank you, Desi, for all that you do. It really makes EVERYTHING all the better.

David Marsh

Now enjoy David performing "Feeling Minor?"

Feeling Minor?   Is written and performed by David Marsh