John Kereki is one of Desi’s expert teachers, and is the result of Desi’s teaching program. After serving 10 years in the military John went to work in one of Desi’s music studios. He began to “play around” on the digital pianos and discovered he loved not only the playing of the instruments, but the new and ever evolving technology of modern digital instruments. It wasn’t long before he moved to the organs. John has been playing and teaching for 20 years and is a classic example of how today’s music technology can enhance the enjoyment of making music. John now shares his love of music with others by teaching his students how to play using the automatic features of the instruments. John builds playing confidence in students of all ability levels and empowers them by taking the mystery out of the word “technology.”


Cindy provides classes for players and beginners


Beginners will find learning to play fun and easy as they learn to use a lead sheet, EZ play chords and the automatic accompaniments and rhythms on our wonderful Roland Atelier organs. The pedal sounds are built into the accompaniments so there is no need to play pedals. These organs work just like keyboards so it does not matter whether you own a digital piano, an organ or a keyboard.  Everything taught in Cindy's classes works on all of these instruments.  Give it a try!  You will be playing a song with both hands at your first lesson.

Players explore the world of lead sheets, create and play medleys and explore how to use the features of the organ to sound even better and more professional.  This class is for people who read or play by ear, who play full chords or are comfortable using automatic chording, perhaps mixing and matching with, or without, pedals.  Exploring the world of music technology makes playing on a Roland Atelier organ even more fun and interesting.  Be the Boston Pops!  Be a Big Band or Latin band.  Love County, the Classics? We have that too.  You are free to create your own arrangements quickly and easily.

All students enjoy Cindy's Friends Playing For Friends which meets once a month. Everyone enjoys hearing others play whether it is a beginner or an advanced player.  There is always a pot luck and time for socialization and fellowship.  Great food!  Great music!  Great fun!  Join us!

ROSEMARY BAILEY, artist,organ teacher, consultant.

"Rosemary currently is continuing to mentor Roland organ students who have expressed a desire to learn more about performance techniques, registration settings, the art of arranging exciting, productive music and more.  Each two-day session with Rosemary is customized specifically to the taste and needs of the student.  Your wish list is her command!  Plus, lodging and meals are provided throughout your stay in the private guest house located on Rosemary's property in sunny Poway, CA.  Contact Rosemary at for more details on this unique opportunity"

Rosemary Bailey at the Roland Atelier AT-900CC

Rosemary at the Atelier