Desi's Music Extravaganza 2019


Ryoki began studying piano at the age of four, followed by the Hammond Organ at six.  When he reached nineteen, Ryoki became enamored with learning more about the pipe organs, a challenge he eagerly embraced.  Years later, he earned his Masters Degree from the acclaimed Tokyo National University of fine Arts and Music.  Specializing in classic, jazz, pop and theatre organ styles, Ryoki has become a world-renowned artist performing at venues such as:

Catedral Anglicana de Bautista..Buenos Aires

Petronas Philharmonic Hall..Kuala Lumpur

Iglesia de Santa Maria del Caro..Madrid

Central Conservatory of Music..Beijing

Eglise Reformee de L'Etoile..Paris, and many more

Ryoki's amazing talent has also been showcased at the most prestigious concert halls throughout Japan.  In addition, he provides instruction to aspiring music students at his private teaching facility in Tokyo as well as at Showa College of Music, the highly-accredited music education learning center.  His talent is nothing short of fantastic, unique, diverse, and brilliant.

And Desi's Music brings him to the Music Extravaganza 2019 in Palm Springs, California for your enjoyment.


Ryoki Yamaguchi performing at Desi's Home