Independent Performing Artist

Although Rosemary Bailey in an independent performing artist and clinician, and is not on staff at Desi's Music Centers, she plays a very important role in a number of events and activities that we put on. Contact Rosemary at:

Rosemary's Bio

Rosemary Bailey began playing the piano at the age of five, performing strictly classical music. She soon diversified and incorporated jazz and traditional popular styles in her repertoire. By the time she was nine years old, Rosemary had begun touring throughout the United Sates. Concurrently, she maintained a weekly radio show, "The Rosemary Bailey Show", that was broadcast from Chicago.

Rosemary has performed with many name artists including Victor Borge and Pete Nero as well as the Duke Ellington Orchestra. She was also featured soloist with the Chicago Symphony under the direction of Dr. Leon Stein. At home on electronic as well as pipe organs, her concert schedule has taken her to such countries as japan, South Africa, Canada, Italy, Spain, England, Holland, Denmark, Portugal, Germany and Australia.

Rosemary Today

Rosemary's unique arrangements involve the marriage of her classical and popular music background. Perfect pitch enables her to effortlessly field requests from the audience and adds spontaneity to all her programs. Rosemary has developed a following of musical devotees wherever she performs and her numerous recordings are sought after by young and old alike.